Lorry Jamison, Spring 2022 Featured Illustrator

Lorry Jamison, Spring 2022 Featured Illustrator Lorry Jamison is a non-binary cartoonist based in St. Louis. They graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Washington University in St. Louis in 2019. They create playful, LGBT+ inclusive comics and illustrations alongside their supportive cat, Sunny, who is a proud ally of both the LGBT+ communityContinue reading “Lorry Jamison, Spring 2022 Featured Illustrator”

Camryn Cogshell, Winter 2022 Featured Illustrator

Camryn Cogshell, Winter 2022 Featured Illustrator Camryn Cogshell is a St. Louis-based designer and illustrator. She graduated in 2021 with a BFA in Communication Design from Washington University in St. Louis. Camryn has a big passion for diverse representation in children’s books, depictions of Black joy, anime, and the color yellow. See more of her work.

Tay Tuteur, Fall 2021 Featured Illustrator

Tay Tuteur, Fall 2021 Featured Illustrator Tay Tuteur (they/them) is a non-binary illustrator and designer. Tay graduated with a BFA in communication design from Washington University in 2018. They are primarily interested in working on projects related to St. Louis, coffee, music, and the lgbt+ community. See more examples of their work at taylortuteur.com.

Shannon Levin, Spring 2021 Featured Illustrator

Shannon Levin, Spring 2021 Featured Illustrator Shannon Levin is an illustrator, designer, and educator living, working, and playing in St. Louis, MO. She earned a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis where she returned to teach undergraduate illustration. Driven by color and expression, her work extends to clients in the arts, music, and community-focusedContinue reading “Shannon Levin, Spring 2021 Featured Illustrator”

Ash Tsai, Winter 2021 Featured Illustrator

Ash Tsai, Winter 2021 Featured Illustrator Ash Tsai is an illustrator and graphic designer from San Jose, California, currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated in 2019 with a degree in communication design from Washington University in St. Louis and in her spare time she DJs for her community radio show, thrifts, pets cats,Continue reading “Ash Tsai, Winter 2021 Featured Illustrator”