Scaling Up Workshop

Scaling Up Workshop

with FLOURISH St. Louis / 1 day workshop with 1 month of preparation 

For teams working to address seemingly intractable issues like racial inequity in infant mortality, creating lasting change often comes from scaling up beyond individual-level impact. But service providers and people with direct, lived experience lack a shared collaborative process and language to envision how their knowledge and expertise could make change at scale.

Public Design Bureau designed an interactive, facilitated workshop that provided exposure to human-centered design and helped the FLOURISH Steering Committee and groups of stakeholders to reframe their current interventions for greater reach and impact. 

Process + Outputs 

  • Collaboration: PDB worked with the coalition leadership from Generate Health and Simply Strategy to understand the participants in the upcoming session, define shared goals, and identify successes of past learning sessions to build upon. 
  • Preparation: PDB developed tailored learning materials and a framework for the session, with a specific focus on bringing together the lived experience of mothers and families with the policy and service-delivery expertise of other stakeholders. 
  • Delivery: The high-energy, hands-on workshop involved more than 40 participants from the diverse stakeholders in the FLOURISH Steering Committee, which is made up of advocates, providers, and families impacted by infant mortality. The session included small-group breakouts and full-group conversations that prompted exploration of how to scale up the reach and impact of the efforts of the FLOURISH coalition.